How To Set UP Firestick Remote and Downloader APP

How To Set UP Firestick Remote and Downloader APP

If you are looking for how to configure the Firestick remote to your TV, yes, this article is for you, my friend, to do a full setup and accept applications with the purpose of putting Downloader on the Firestick.

How to configure Firestick Remote

Let’s start the first phase of setting up the Fire Stick with your TV.

choose your language

Here you will choose your language; I chose English.

way to activate firestick

Next, you will see two options: the first with a phone and app, and the second using the remote control.

use the remote to set up

As shown in the picture, we will use the remote to set up our device.

set up with remote

Press the button shown in the picture to start the setup.

set up wifi with firestick

Your Wi-Fi will appear here, and you can click on it to connect.


Enter your Wi-Fi password and connect.

Amazon account firestick

You now have two options: create a new Amazon account or sign in with your existing account.

create a Amazon account

You likely have an account since you purchased a Fire Stick, but let’s assume you don’t, so register as shown in the picture.

two ways to create an account fire tv

You have two ways to create an account; choose the one that suits you and verify the details as shown.

press back

Now that you have an account, press back.

Sign in with your account.

Enter your email and press continue.

Enter your password and sign in.

Enter your code.

fire tv stick 4 registered

Now the device welcomes you and confirms it is linked to your Amazon email; press continue.

Select your TV type and continue.

Your registered account will now appear; click on it.

You have successfully set up the Fire TV Stick

You have successfully set up the Fire TV Stick with your TV.

Now let’s move on to adding the magic app that helps you add external applications for use with IPTV.

How to Get Downloader On Firestick

Let me now explain to you step-by-step how to get Downloader on Firestick.

app store firestick

Press the Appstore as shown in the picture.

search Downloader

The search bar will appear, as shown above; type “Downloader” and search.

add Downloader

We’ve found the app, so let’s download it now.

Press the button.

Press the button.


Press the settings button, as shown in the picture.

Select My Fire TV

Select My Fire TV.

Choose About.

Click the button 7 times on Fire TV Stick 4K

Click the button 7 times on Fire TV Stick 4K.

Press the back button.

Click the button

Click the button as shown in the picture.

enable app downloads from unknown sources

You are about to enable app downloads from unknown sources; click it.


This warning will appear because some apps may be unsafe; confirm the warning.

Note: All screenshots are in English. If you choose another language, the steps will appear in your preferred language.

Regarding the use of apps, as long as you use the apps we provide, you are safe, but be cautious of apps from untrusted sources and avoid using any sensitive personal information on your device.

open downloader app

Open the app now.

search app on downloader

Here you can enter the link for apps, search for them, or use a specific code to download and install them on your Fire TV Stick.

install app firestick


We hope this has been helpful. If you need to know which apps work well with our IPTV subscription, you can contact us after completing your purchase.

As we always emphasize, our main goal is to ensure you have the best experience. Please contact us through chat or email if you need any assistance.

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